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Website problems

smiling female caver squeezing through a bedding plane. Large blocks of rockThis page details any known problems with the website. If you discover any new ones, whether they relate to the design, speed, accessibility or even a small typo error then we’d like to know about them. So please get in touch.


These are the current ones:


The image in the sidebar have ‘alt text = decorative image’ rather than the proper description. This is a fault/feature of the software widget.  I hope to find another alternative shortly.


Recent changes to the website

Jan 2020 – Publishing of 2 additional courses.  Addition of Terms and Conditions.

Dec 2019 – Publishing of the courses for 2020

Feb 2019 – Introduction of the ‘Courses2019’ pages. Changes to Donation button processing. Introduce sponsor images. Larger ‘contact-us’ and ‘search’ fields.