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Triathlon Pictures

Paddy running in his GBR outfit
Two triathletes in standing chest deep in water
Dave B with his triathlon medal
female VI and guide running with their tandem in transition at the start of cycling leg.
A VI approaching an end of the swimming pool during the 1st leg of a triathlon.
A low level pool shot of a guide waiting for his partner to complete a length a few strokes behind.
At the swimming pool start of a triathlon. Athlete and guides in the water, Lane counters and coaches on the poolside.
Founder Jill Corso sitting in a camping chair eating cake at the end of a triathlon event
Mechanic with zip ties in his mouth reaching down to some bikes in the transition area
Triathlon coach standing in front of bikes gesticulating with hands after an event
VI and guide wearing wetsuits leaping into the water off of a wooden jetty in Lake Windermere.
Male VI and female guide wearing wetsuits sitting on wooden jetty on Lake Windermere
close up shot of pilot and stoker at speed during a triathlon both smiling
4 wet suited swimmers standing in the water sharing a joke together
Single swimmer wearing yellow swimcap with right arm exiting behind him
Guides instructing their VI’s in chest deep water next to a wooden jetty
VI and Guide in wet suits standing waist deep in Lake Windermere. Others swimming behind.
two pairs of open water swimmers on Lake Windermere
VI and 2 guides showing off their medals with finishing arch in the background
At start of bike transition – guide running with bike and VI with his hand on saddle, blue fencing in the background
4 Athletes sporting their medals and raising a glass in celebration
VI and Guide with their arms aloft as they run through the inflatable orange finishing arch
Many athletes relaxing inside on comfy chairs at a triathlon training weekend
Two pairs of triathletes on Tandems in the pouring rain. Behind, cars with their headlights on.
Tethered female VI and guide running across a pelican crossing with race marshals in the back ground
At transition with bike - guide in bright yellow looking back to VI who has hand on saddle
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