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Tandem cycling pictures

pilot and stoker in the sunshine on a quite country road having just cycled over a small bridge in the background
Two pairs of tandems climbing a hill
Single cyclist sitting outside a coffee shop enjoying the huge hailstones falling down
rear view of 3 tandems cycling country lanes
Pilot and Stoker both standing on the pedals whilst cycling up a hill in the Dales
cyclists pulled off a busy main road
A group of 12 cyclists and bikes posing for a group photoshot
Team of brightly coloured tandem cyclists and instructors stationary just off of the road
4 tandems in bike racks with cyclists sitting behind at picnic tables
Pilot and stoker on a tandem with stoker arms spread wide after reaching the summit of a hill
Large group of tandem cyclists at a Give Way junction in the rain
close up view of a pilot and stoker on a country road with a car behind
Large group of brightly coloured tandem cyclists about to set off after a cafe stop
2 tandems pulled off a quiet main road
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