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The new website


Firstly, I should say it’s a first attempt at producing a site for Vision of Adventure and at the moment its only real function is to give us a web presence and something that we can build upon for the future.

The site currently showcases some of the many pictures we have. Jill is currently in the process of  trying to secure funding and grant funders will look at our website to get a flavour of what we do. So its partially aimed at them. Through time though, the emphasis will change and we’ll try to engage more of you VI’s and guides. So, keep checking in to see if there is anything new.

Shortly after Christmas, may be early in the new year, Jill will finalise the courses on offer for next year and we’ll place them on the website.

The plan after that is to add some functionality so that every one can communicate with each other easily and discuss/comment/plan their own adventures. A few people have mentioned that they can do this already using existing social media platforms like Facebook but many people don’t like using them (including me!). Whether this is some sort of private forum or whether its some sort private social media group I’m currently not sure. If anyone has any thoughts or opinions let me know.

We’ll also add new pages such as downloadable forms (when we think of them!) and try to keep you abreast of news by producing posts like this.  All in all, the plan for the website is to grow and not be stuck in a time warp.

But getting back to the current incarnation of the web site. I know there will be things wrong with it in terms of layout, colours and buttons. Both David N and Bruce L have already identified some things and I’ve corrected some, but I’m sure there are more. The last thing I want is for folk to say ‘its rubbish!’ Just tell me and I’ll do my best to improve it.

Meanwhile hope you enjoy it.

Dave C

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