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Corona Virus and VOA.



It is with great regret that the trustees have taken the decision to postpone all Vision of Adventure courses and events scheduled between now and 2nd July.

It has been a very difficult decision, not taken lightly and the reasons are laid out below.

We are hoping to re-schedule courses later in the year.

At the moment these arrangements apply only to courses up to July 2nd.  We will keep further courses under consideration as the situation changes.

Of course, this is massively disappointing for everyone involved and we hope you will understand.

Best wishes

The team at VOA.


Reasons for Postponement

  1. Safety.

Our courses are all based in hostel type accommodation where people are living in close quarters and sleeping in shared rooms. We feel that this is a very high risk situation for passing on the virus and it is a risk that we can’t fully mitigate.

If someone began to show symptoms, we would not have facilities to isolate them from the rest of the group and repatriating them to their home could be problematic.

  1. Logistics

With the increased risk of staff and guides being unavailable at short notice the viability of courses could be seriously compromised.

3 Financial

If we cancel now the money we will lose on accommodation costs will be minimised. As balances become payable the potential losses if courses are cancelled is much greater. In effect by acting now we can effectively “press pause” on Vision of Adventure, protecting our viability to resume once the current crisis is over.

Course Fees

For postponed courses the course fees can either be refunded or retained and set against a future course. We would like to re-iterate that course fees are held in a secure reserve fund and will be refunded if VOA cancel a course.


Matt and Mary cycling the wrong way on the slip road near Conwy in Wales