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The easiest way to make a donation to us is to select the following button which will take you to Virgin Money Giving. If you are a UK tax payer you can also apply GiftAid to your donation. That way we receive an extra 25% without it costing you anymore.

Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving, link opens in new window

However,  if you prefer to make a donation using your usual bank transfer processing you still can – just email us using the contact-us page and we will happily supply you with our bank account information and Gift Aid form.

Create your own fund-raising page

Our fund preferred fund-raising processing system is Virgin Money Giving because it has one of the lowest commission fees. Unfortunately, their site isn’t straightforward if you’ve never visited it before and need to create a page and link it to both Vision of Adventure and an event.

Our advice, if you haven’t already got a Virgin Money Giving Account, is to firstly register with them and then immediately sign out. Afterwards create your fund-raising page using the appropriate link. All links are given below.

Register your account using this button
Register with Virgin Money Giving, link opens in new window
To start your fund-raising activity use this button

Create a fundraising page using Virgin Money Giving - link opens in new window

Many thanks for your support!