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Cycling in the North Lakes

North Lakes Cycling Weekend  Price £270.

May 29 – June 1 Friday to Monday

This cycling weekend is based at Wayfarer’s Hostel, Penrith. Accommodation is in ensuite rooms, sleeping 2, 4 or 6 people. More details can be found here (opening in a new tab).

The Station for this course is Penrith.

As the hostel is ½ mile from the station, travel arrangements are more flexible and transport to and from the station is not included in this course.  We won’t have a minibus. We may be able to arrange lifts (let us know if you want this when you apply) or you can book a taxi to arrive at the accommodation by 6pm on Friday and to leave after 6pm on Sunday or on Monday morning.

If you would prefer a course that is easy to leave on Sunday evening – this is the one to apply for. We will be back from activities by 6pm.

Two days will be spent out cycling around the North Lakes and Eden Valley. Routes dependent on ability and weather. Each visually impaired participant will be paired up with a sighted guide on a tandem. We will aim to cycle around 40 to 60 miles each day but can provide a shorter option if necessary. We will operate as 2 groups to allow for different levels of speed and fitness.

Book or find out more by contacting us.