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Canoeing Week

Canoeing Expedition on a major river.  Price £tba (Price last year on a similar course was £475).

September 21rd to 25th Monday to Friday.

This is a week long canoe trip down a river. The river choice has yet to be decided! So it is a provisional course at this stage.

To come on this trip you should have some canoeing experience. You need to be prepared for the fact that you may capsize and that swimming down rapids can be a rough ride. We will paddle open canoes and each VI paddler will be paired up with a sighted guide. Capsizes can and generally do happen!

We should be on the water by 2.30 on Monday afternoon for a short paddle. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will be full days of paddling. Each night we will leave the canoes locked up by the river and go to accommodation. Departures will be on Friday morning.

upturned canoe and its paddler being pulled in on a safety throw line