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Day Climbing

climber with hands aloft after a successful climb


Climbing Day     Cost £70

September 24th (Thursday)

This will be an outdoor day at a local crag.  Climbing will be top roped. As an indication of effort levels, it involves a similar amount of effort to a day’s hill walking.

We will be using a venue with easy access to the crag and at the base of the crag. This is to minimise the necessity for close guiding.

This may be a venue that you have been to before, there will be a range of grades.

When walking to the crag guiding will be by means of holding on to the guides rucksack.

We are not able to clean the ropes etc between each participant. Therefore you will need to take responsibility for sanitising your hands before and after handling equipment, before eating, touching your face or personal belongings etc.

Belaying will only be done by Instructors or competent others who do not need a back up.

You will need to fit your own harness and helmet – we give verbal instructions and check it for you.

Harnesses and helmets will be issued to individuals for the duration of the course. They will have been quarantined for at least 72 hours before the course.

Climbers will be attached to the rope by a carabiner rather than by tying on.


All equipment will be provided – feel free to bring your own if you have it (harnesses and helmets need to be serviceable and less than 10 years old)

Clothing – it’s the Lake District so please bring warm clothing and waterproofs if you have them. We can lend you waterproofs if requested in advance.

Jogging pants or running leggings and long sleeved T-shirts and fleeces are ideal for climbing.

You’ll need trainers or walking boots to walk to crag and a small rucksack to carry your lunch and personal gear. Let us know if you don’t have a rucksack as some may be available to borrow.

We will provide packed lunches and hot drinks.

Please bring your own water bottle.

Please make sure you have a face covering with you and a small bottle of hand sanitiser that you can keep on you at all times.


General information

If you are not local you will need to arrange your own accommodation we can make recommendations but you will need to satisfy yourself that the  accommodation can provide any assistance you may need.

We will pick participants up from their accommodation in Kendal or from Oxenholme Station between 10am and 10.30am. We will let you know more exact timings when we have everyone’s details.

We will drop you back at your accommodation in the late afternoon. If you are travelling home by train the same day, please book a train after 6pm.

To keep overall numbers down instructors may also be guiding.

All participants will be expected to respect the arrangements made to keep everyone as safe as possible. These will include more remote guiding, face masks in transport and when close contact is required, regular hand washing and sanitising and social distancing wherever possible.

We also expect that participants have been living carefully and minimising their risk of contracting Covid.

Once a guiding pair is established that pair work together for the whole day.

If you have any symptoms or have had contact with anyone with covid symptoms or a positive test you should not attend the course. In this case we will refund your course fee.


If you want to book or find out more please get in touch.