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Weekend Cycling

Large group of brightly coloured tandem cyclists about to set off after a cafe stop


Cycling Weekend       Cost £280

September 18th – 21st 2020. (Friday to Monday)

This weekend course will be based at Acorn House, Bendrigg Trust.

Pick up will be from Oxenholme station at 5.30pm on the Friday. Drop off at Oxenholme will be 9am Monday. If you are unable to fit in with these times please discuss with us before booking. Of course you are welcome to arrive by your own transport but please note the accommodation will not be available until 5pm on the Friday.



We will be cycling tandems. Each VI will be paired up with an experienced tandem pilot. We will need to know your height and weight in order to pair you up with a suitable pilot and get the right tandem.

On Friday evening we will set the tandems up to fit each rider.

On Saturday and Sunday we will aim to cycle around 40 – 50 miles each day. The area is rolling with a few challenging hills. We will be aiming for a sociable pace rather than race training!

We will carry packed lunches and will not be going in cafes.

Cycling Kit

If you have specialist cycling clothing please bring that. If not then jogging pants or running tights will suffice along with tee shirts and fleeces. A pair of padded cycling shorts will add to your comfort. We do have a selection of donated cycling gear which is available to borrow.

Please bring a pair of gloves that you can cycle in.

If you wish to use your own pedals and cycling shoes please bring them along, otherwise the tandems are equipped with flat pedals and you will need trainers to ride in.

Please bring your own water bottle.

Please make sure you have a face covering with you and a small bottle of hand sanitiser that you can keep on you at all times.



General information

To keep overall numbers down instructors may also be guiding and piloting.

All participants will be expected to respect the arrangements made to keep everyone as safe as possible. These will include more remote guiding, face masks in transport and when close contact is required, regular hand washing and sanitising and social distancing wherever possible.

We also expect that participants have been living carefully and minimising their risk of contracting Covid.

Once a guiding pair is established that pair work together for the whole course.

Guide Dogs. We would prefer if they do not come as we would need to find a dog sitter (most of our regular dog minders are in the older age group and are therefore unavailable at the moment) and if we are able to do that it would introduce another person into the group.

If you have any symptoms or have had contact with anyone with covid symptoms or a positive test you should not attend the course. In this case we will refund your course fee.

If a participant develops symptoms during a course they will need to isolate in their room until their return train (or an earlier train if possible), they will then need to travel home as safely as possible.

Residential Information

Everyone will have their own room and bathroom.

VIs will need to be independent moving around the building. Guides will give verbal orientation at the start of the course and as necessary.

High touch areas in communal areas will be frequently cleaned.

The only people operating in the kitchen area will be staff.

We will prepare and serve all the food including packed lunches and flasks (wearing appropriate PPE). This may mean a slightly later morning start to activities than usual.

Participants will be allocated seating in the dining room and will need to stay seated during the meal.

Face coverings will need to be worn when moving around the building.

We will be keeping the communal areas well ventilated so please make sure you have some warm clothes for wearing indoors.

We are taking Covid security very seriously, if you don’t feel able to comply with all these conditions and procedures please don’t come!



If you want to book or find out more please get in touch.