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Open Water Swimming


VI and guide wearing wetsuits leaping into the water off of a wooden jetty in Lake Windermere.

Open Water Swimming Day          Cost £70

16th September 2020 (Wednesday)

This is a swim safari day. We will be swimming from the north of Grasmere to the south of Rydal Water. During the day we will land on various islands and will walk the section of around 1km between the 2 lakes.

The total swimming distance is between 3 and 4km (the route can be varied.) This will be split into at least 4 sections, with the opportunity to land to eat, drink and have a short rest. We will be met by a support team at the bottom of Grasmere with our lunch and hot drinks before the walk down to Rydal.

We will also be met at the end of Rydal with hot drinks and cake before the 600m walk back to our transport.

Wetsuits and swimming caps are compulsory. If you have your own kit that’s great. If not, then we can supply it. We will need your accurate height and weight to ensure that the wetsuit which we bring for you will fit. Please don’t estimate your weight or understate it or you will not be able to get into the wetsuit!!

Each pair will have a tow float. In that you can carry snacks for the island stops. Please bring a warm hat to put in for these stops as well. You will need a pair of shoes that you can swim in, either water shoes or a lightweight pair of trainers or similar (these are essential for the landings and the walk)

We will provide lunch, hot drinks and snacks for the day.

Please bring plenty of warm clothes and a warm hat for after the swim.

Our bank support team will be walking parallel with us on shore with dry clothes etc so if a participant is too tired or cold they will be able to stop, change and walk the remainder with the support team.

We will have a safety kayak with us which can recover a swimmer to the shore if necessary.

Please note there are no changing facilities we will be changing in and out of our swimming wetsuits in the outdoors or minibus.

General information

If you are not local you will need to arrange your own accommodation we can make recommendations but you will need to satisfy yourself that the  accommodation can provide any assistance you may need.

We will pick participants up from their accommodation in Kendal or from Oxenholme Station between 10am and 10.30am. We will let you know more exact timings when we have everyone’s details. We should be back in Kendal by 4pm. If you need to book a train, after 4.30 would be safest.

To keep overall numbers down instructors may also be guiding.

All participants will be expected to respect the Covid19 arrangements made to keep everyone as safe as possible. These will include more remote guiding, face masks in transport and when close contact is required, regular hand washing and sanitising and social distancing wherever possible.

We also expect that participants have been living carefully and minimising their risk of contracting Covid.

Once a guiding pair is established that pair work together for the whole day.

Guide Dogs. We would prefer if they do not come as we would need to find a dog sitter (most of our regular dog minders are in the older age group and are therefore unavailable at the moment) and if we are able to do that it would introduce another person into the group.

If you have any symptoms or have had contact with anyone with covid symptoms or a positive test you should not attend the course. In this case we will refund your course fee.


If you want to book or find out more please get in touch.

Two triathletes in standing chest deep in water