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Courses 2021

Exercise Sessions

We will be extending the successful Cycling, Yoga and Strength/Conditioning exercise sessions run by Kath, Carol and Paddy. After a short break for Easter these will continue to the end of June (approximately). The schedule will change. Cycling will be on Tuesday at 7pm, Yoga on Wednesday at 6.45pm and Stength/Condtioning on Thursday at 7pm.

For the cycling sessions you will need access to some kind of spin bike or turbo trainer and you will need clothing that doesn’t get caught on the bike.

The courses will be run on-line using the Zoom App. To obtain the links to the zoom sessions please get in touch. For those that haven’t used Zoom before and need a little help there is a description of how to use it here. If you need further help, again get in touch and we’ll arrange a further one to one with you to help you through it.


If you have missed a live session you can catch up by following a recording. The recording, despite being on the YouTube video platform, is audio only.  It also has the chit chat at the beginning and end of each session removed.  The recorded sessions are listed on YouTube under the Vision of Adventure Channel (which will open up in a new tab.)

To be informed when a new recording is posted to this Channel via your email you need to firstly, subscribe to the channel (when you visit the channel there is a SUBSCRIBE button after the VISION OF ADVENTURE channel name.) Secondly, you need to click on the NOTIFY button (a picture icon of a bell) which is immediately after the SUBSCRIBE button. You should select ALL.


Our other Open and Private Courses and Events

We have published an extensive set of courses on a separate document and emailed it to everyone. Rather than paraphrase the same information please refer to the document shown here (opening in a new tab). At the time of writing the majority of places have been taken but please get in touch as occasionally cancellations occur.




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