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Climbing pictures

climber sillhouted against the evening sunshine
Instructor looking aloft paying close attention whilst belaying a climber
VI climber almost at the top of a corner route in an old sandstone quarry
Climber doing a strenuous move to get above an overhang
VI in close proximity to the rock with hands in pocket holds above with her belayer coaching her
High white limestone cliffs with 1 person climbing and another being lowered off
2 climbers part way up in warm winter sunshine
5 climbers preparing to ascend the crag
VI with raised foot doing a balancey move
Woman climbing a small limestone buttress with a tree
3 climbers on different routes in a sandstone quarry
Look no hands! Being lowered off from top of a crag
Smiling climber looking down from half way up a crag
VI climber half way up a crag with instructor giving close quarter coaching
Group enjoying a cliff walk - a day off from climbing – with Benidorm in the background
On a climbing route, the view of the opposite limestone crags.
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