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Canoeing pictures

5 canoes and their crews stationary along the edge of a river
tandem canoe barely visible amongst the waves of a large rapid
6 canoes and crews beached together at the edge of a river
Instructor kneeling in boat with hands palm down in front of him teaching something
Ariel shot of 7 canoes rafted together next to some big flaked rocks
2 solo canoeists stroking down a gently flowing river
2 instructors in their canoes sitting in a collecting pool at the bottom of a rapid
VI and guide in a big rapid, boat hidden by the waves
action shot of a canoeists on a big river rapid – lots of rocks in background
action shot of a canoeists on a big river rapid
2 paddlers fighting to keep their boat on-line in a rapid with big bouncy waves
maroon canoe and solo paddler in a rapid with big bouncy waves
solo canoeist bouncing down a rapid with big waves
2 canoes beached on the shore of the sea; one of the paddlers standing in her boat
tranquil low level shot of a beached canoe on a river bank with sandstone cliffs in the background.
end of trip celebratory picture with 6 canoes rafted together, canoeists with raised paddles
2 canoeists in a big rapid – the canoe hidden amongst the waves
2 canoes on lake shore with a group 14 posing for a picture
flat water paddling on a very calm lake
4 canoes paddling into the distance on a canal
Instructor talking to VI with 5 others in the background preparing their canoes for launch
Instructor standing in water adjusting a bouyancy aid of a VI at the canoe’s bow
tandem canoe paddling on the edge of a rapid
Red canoe powering down a small weir on a river
smiling canoeists standing by boat on bank after recovering from a capsize
upturned canoe and its paddler being pulled in on a safety throw line
Canoe dropping over a small fall, bow awash, rear paddler bracing hard trying to keep the boat upright
Canoe entering a rapid, front of boat and bow person awash with water
Canoe powering down a rapid, front of boat out of the water
VI canoeist sitting on riverbank in sunshine
upturned canoe with its crew in the river hanging on to the bow
Canoe bouncing down a rapid on a river
Liz Barlow canoeing
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